Lorraine’s 10 Gallon Hat Day!

Some miracle moments are about connecting an event to a memory, others are about fulfilling a dream and some are about creating experiences never before dreamed.

A love for horses:

For Loraine, her miracle moment was inspired by her love for horses. With some thought and care, the staff at Long Creek Assisted Living and Memory Care partnered with Double D Ranch to create a special day for Lorraine filled with horses, great food, and so much more.

Lorraine, cowboy hat and all, bonded with some very special therapy horses during her Miracle Moment. From brushing them, to petting them and feeding them treats, this experience was one that gave back to all participants.

You can see how special this day was in the video below:


See Lorraine’s Miracle Moment Video Here:

A special thanks!

Thank you to Double D Ranch for sharing your wonderful animals and time to give Lorraine a memory that has warmed all our hearts.


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