Senior Activities in Sunnyvale, Texas

Our Long Creek Assisted Living and Memory Care program is designed to improve mental vitality, brain fitness, and functionality through a series of specialized cognitive programs. These programs are based on activities that inspire connectivity and promote engagement in our senior living community.

Cognitive Support

Maintain Memory and Brain Fitness

  • Memory Games, Word Games, and Brain Teaser Exercises

  • Reminiscing and Discussion Groups

  • Cultural and Language Study

  • Lecture Series

  • Current Events Discussion Group

  • Journaling and Creative Writing


Improve Vitality and Functional Endurance

  • Wellness and Nutrition Education

  • Music Programs

  • Art Classes

  • Volunteering and Community Service Opportunities

  • Culinary Arts and Cooking Classes

  • Book Clubs

  • Religious Services


Increase Strength, Flexibility, and Circulation

  • Low-Impact Aerobic Exercise Classes

  • Flexibility and Balance Classes

  • Fitness Education

  • Dancing
  • Walking Club

  • Gardening Club

Our research-based activity schedule is designed to ensure optimal results for our memory care residents. By becoming actively involved in the process, residents will flourish and thrive in an environment created specifically for cognitive retention purposes. We believe activity inspires engagement, and engagement leads to enhanced interaction.

At Long Creek Assisted Living and Memory Care, our specialized staff is committed to achieving the best results for our memory care residents. We believe the success of our collective programs is attained through individual achievement.